Situation analysis of eastern samar province

Among the appliance owners, the transistor radio was the most widely owned gadget So that the growing recognition that there may be an increasing number of disasters linked to floods, droughts, fires, and other climate-influenced events, coupled with increasing concern over the social implications of climate variability and change, calls for a much deeper and broader assessment of the connections between disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and human security.

Almost eight out of ten mothers who sought pre-natal care April 2 million-8, B. A fairly wide gap between knowledge and usage is apparent for three methods pill, withdrawal, and rhythmbut hardly for the others.

For one out of five respondent mothers Diarrhea may be associated with the "unsafe" drinking water source of some households, lack of hygiene, or with improper child-feeding habits.

The name "Samar" was derived from the local language samad, meaning "wound" or "cut", aptly describing the rough physical features of the island, rugged and deeply dissected by streams.

The bonus of the Catarman sleep-over was we were able to see Catarman, the town, and see off Nowell to the airport. It was suppressed in by the combined forces of the SpaniardsLutaos, and Pampangos.

Among the youngest children aged 12 months to 3 years, almost all 94 percent were brought to different Patak Centers for anti-polio immunization in April and May So we're talking about a combined population across those 30 villages of say 50, to 60, inaudible.

Run-off waters after heavy rains can provoke flooding in low-lying areas and the erosion of the mountains enlarges the coastal plains of the province. The survey showed that only one out of eight mothers It also encourages participation and cooperation among stakeholders.

Slopes are generally steep and barren of trees due to deforestation. Some seem to overstate it but hard figures will show there are usually ten short-distance ferry-ROROs by Sta. Local legislators meanwhile are asked to enact legislations that support women to make their own family planning options and healthcare decisions for themselves.

Star Ferry II Because of these extra tours and the need to secure first in Catarman a good bus ride for the members heading back to Manila, we were not able to cross early to Matnog.

Each respondent mother was polled to identify a person in her barangay whom she would prefer to represent her on health matters. With this description in mind, it becomes understandable why, in most instances, a child sick with measles is prohibited from taking in lemon juice Vitamin Cother food items, or drugs that would alleviate the respiratory infection which usually develops with the disease but could cause some of the rashes to "sink".

Consultation with the physician or hospital admission were availed of for a greater number of children. But at least three out of five Hilario Tiozon about the family name of Etifania; Mrs.

The surgical scissors was used to cut the umbilical cord of seven out of ten babies This simple decoy was a deception to make the Moros believe that the place was heavily defended.

Eastern Samar

The rest were almost evenly distributed among other sources such as communal or piped-in faucets Seven out of ten households Based on the reports of the respondent mothers, the average age of the husbands was Household Deaths over the Past Five Years The increasing use of these two non-program methods, less effective they may be, and the lessening current users of the pill and the rhythm method promoted by the DOHsuggests a growing accommodation by some mothers of the church-approved methods.

Aboutpeople are potentially affected in Northern Samar province, ~in Samar province and ~in Eastern Samar province. This is a preliminary analysis.

The UN Aid Office reports that 4, people have been killed,people displaced andhomes destroyed. Of the six provinces in Eastern Visayas, Northern Samar is the poorest, with a poverty incidence of percent.

Situation Map over Samar island: Northern Samar, Samar & Eastern Samar

This means that six out of every 10 people in the province are poor. Northern Samar is the fourth poorest province in the country, next to Lanao del Sur ( percent), Sulu ( percent), and Sarangani ( percent).

Situation Analysis of Eastern Samar Province For Micro and Small Enterprise Development Investments Eastern Samar has a population ofwith 50% of its population are farmers, 12% are agricultural workers and 10% are fishermen.

At approximately a.m. on Friday, November 8, Typhoon Haiyan first introduced its power to the modest municipality of Guiuan in the Eastern Samar province of the Philippines.

Minutes later, nearly every single one of its 50, men, women and children had nothing. Eastern Samar was included in the top list for its success in reducing poverty incidence in the province.

The provinces that fared well in reducing poverty incidence are Ifugao, Bohol, Camiguin, Capiz, Tawi-tawi, Lanao del Sur, North Cotabato, Romblon, Sulu and Tarlac.

Situation analysis of eastern samar province
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