Concentration of mind in marathi

Recreation Many festivals are held throughout the year in Maharashtra. Likewise his mind ceases to imagine. There are branches of that court at Nagpur and at Aurangabad. Kabir replied, "O Pundit, I am detaching the mind from worldly objects and attaching it to the lotus-feet of the Lord".

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Etymology The Sanskrit word dhyana, derived from the verbal root dhyai "to contemplate, meditate, think"is the most common designation both for the meditative state of consciousness and the yogic techniques by which it is induced.

He who practises concentration will possess very clear mental vision. We will be adding various guided mediations to these pages so please sign up for our website updates below to be informed of when they are available Please take the time to visit our Free Meditation music page More Info On: What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside - Ramana Maharshi 3 days Swami Samarth upasana to cure serious problems in life Swami works where Everything Else has failed.

He also speaks of samyama upon abstract entities such as the three transmutations parinama of matter; the smallest temporal unit kshana ; the relationship between word, idea, and intended object; the relationship between the body and the ether space akasha ; the two types of karma one in rapid progress, the other slow like a smoldering fire ; the form of the body; the feelings of friendliness, compassion, and joy; the power of specific creatures such as the elephant ; and the knowledge process itself.

In a similar vein, the Uddhava-Gita Allow Some Time before Beginning a New Task When your child is busy, tell him what he has to do next, but allow a few minutes, till he stops and starts the new activity.

These ways will teach the child certain habits and rules that would make it easier to focus and be less restless, while doing homework or carrying out tasks.


The Wardha-Wainganga valley, part of the larger Godavari basin, trends southward and has many lakes. Let Children Have Play and Fun Giving children too many tasks and involving them in too many activities can be overwhelming and tiring for their brains.

Long term upasana is to clean those bad karmas effects which are deeply ingrained in your subtle or spiritual body. The eastern area around Nagpur, Chandrapur, and Bhandara supports major coal-based industries, along with plants that process ferroalloys, manganese and iron ores, and cement.

During Pola in Augustfarmers bathe, decorate, and parade their bulls through the streets, signifying the start of the sowing season. But, for spiritual purposes, concentration should be developed to an infinite degree. Carved stupa and pillars inside the Ajanta Caves, north-central Maharashtra state, India.

The former type consists in contemplating the Divine in various forms, whereas the latter is the unmediated recognition of oneself as the Self. But meditation can be pursued in any posture so long as it can be assumed for a prolonged period of time without discomfort. This is their Dharana. The mind has a natural tendency to go outwards.

One idea occupies the mind. Maintaining silence for 3 days no talking to anyone for 3 days if possible.

He will become restless if he fails to enjoy this new kind of happiness even for one day. Everybody does concentrate to a certain extent when he reads a book, when he writes a letter, when he plays tennis, and in fact, when he does any kind of work.

He will enjoy a new kind of happiness, the concentration-Ananda bliss. According to Puranic legend, he hated Visnu with such fervor that he constantly thought of him-thereby gradually becoming transformed into the object of his negative emotion.

It says, that the unrighteous are not uplifted by the Vedas. He also states that picturing specific images with the mind's eye does not lead to liberation, because this practice merely entraps the mind in a vicious cycle of imaginings.

The sound-waves are collected at one point and then directed towards the man. This would help the child to be less restless, offset boredom and make it easier focus. In the same Upanishadic passage, we learn that true greatness among men is a result of having obtained "a share of meditation as it were.

God is attained only by pure merits, that is by devotion without expectation nishkam. The characteristics of such an environment are discussed in the scriptures under the rubric of "place" desha. Concentration is a great necessity for all aspirants. Britain gained control of Bombay Island inand from the early 19th century onward the Marathas gradually succumbed to British expansion on the mainland.

There are a lot of such games, which you can find in stores selling games for children. The vital point in concentration is to bring the mind to the same point or object again by limiting its movements in a small circle in the beginning.

Another contributing element in the evolution of dhyana was undoubtedly the extensive ritual practice of the brahmins, which called for tremendous mental concentration. Technical education is provided by engineering colleges and polytechnic and industrial institutes.

You must train yourself to attend to the work on hand with perfect one- pointedness. It became allied with Hindustani music about the 14th century. Then concentrate on a near object. Maharashtra is a leader among Indian states in terms of agricultural and industrial production, trade and transport, and education.

Its ancient culture, at one stage considerably obscured by British dominance, survives largely through the medium of a strong literary heritage.A common literature in Marathi, the predominant language of the state, has in fact played an important role in nurturing.

Concentration-Distractions are minimised as the mind, tongue, hands and eyes are all engaged with the Mantra. This increases the power of concentration and efficiency in work.

Control-The mind is controlled by the power of Mantra and it will work better and quicker for you. Nov 27,  · 1.) Right Time Table: It is very important to know how to make right time table for study as this will lead to right time management for your studies ensuring better concentration.

Q & A: Meaning, Significance of Shiva Linga (Shiv Ling): Hindu perspective One of my Muslim friends asked me the meaning of Shiva Linga? I do not think it was a sincere question to understand the meaning but it was an effort to mock at the Hinduism.

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A turbulent and disturbed mind is the diagnostic center for most diseases and ailments. Disturbances in the physical body start expressing themselves through the mind as it is the only channel of expression.

Concentration of mind in marathi
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10 Tips to Increase a Child's Concentration